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In Abraxas we’re focused on using complexity science and biotechnology to build high impact solutions for global issues.


Fascinated by the convergence of biological and digital information, we began in 2014 focused on developing bioinformatics software for biomedical research. Today we’ve grown into two different business units, Biosystems and Molecular Biology.


Business Units


In Biosystems, we see the world as a complex adaptive system and by understanding it’s many sided interactions we are committed to provide tangible value for our clients. From cancer genomics to predictive policing, our software services are applied by forward thinking institutions to transform their relationship with information.


Data Science

Molecular Biology

Our Molecular Biology company, Noxgen Biotech, is focused on genomic diagnostics and the development of biotechnologies for the food, health and agriculture industries. We seek to transform the relationship between technology and our natural ecosystem from the parasitic to the symbiotic.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C Clarke Writer

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Carl Sagan


Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Systems biology has proven to be an adjuvant tool for biotechnology and biomedical research. It has the promise of revolutionizing healthcare, through improvements in diagnostics methods and in alternative therapeutics design. We offer bioinformatics analysis and consulting services, analytic platforms development, specialized data products, through which we innovate in the way independent annotation and variant databases are integrated, and tailor made software for genomic applications in research and medicine.

Systems Biology

Paradigm that seeks to integrate biological information at different levels in order to create mathematical and computational models that allow to understand the ins and outs of interactions in the biological spectrum.

Computational Biology

Based on computational models created under the perspective of systems biology, hundreds of in silico simulations are carried out to make educated decisions in experiments performed in the lab.

Integrated Solutions

Development of specialized applications for biological data analysis in healthcare and agroindustry.

Data Science

In Abraxas, we have the necessary technology, knowledge and expertise to tackle complex business problems, collaborating with our clients and helping them create competitive advantages through data analysis. Leveraging science, technology and advanced computational algorithms, we obtain efficient information that allows us to generate valuable insights that serve as guides for strategic decision making and human capital allocation.

Business Intelligence

Through easy access to real time centralized information generated in all areas of an organization, a global visión is achieved. We develop tools to constantly monitor key indicators so that businesses can be sure that their business operations are aligned with their strategy.

Predictive Analysis

Tendencies, patterns, and current and historic data relationships analysis allows for potential risk prediction and opportunity identification within the organization. We use predictive intelligence to achieve the desired results through strategic decisions.

Logistics Optimization

By performing efficient analysis of information, it is possible to perform truly effective logistics planning exercises that lead to actionable proposals to manage complex operations.

Risk Analysis

Risk factors have the potential of deviating objectives and overall strategies. Through data analysis we evaluate and forecast possible risks in order to create plans that minimize the possible consequences.

Data Lake Implementation

Data Lake allows to access the different types and structures of data in a centralized manner and discover the relationships that exists between these data types. Additionally it enables organizations to perform analysis and safeguard future requisites.

Data Products

We offer solutions in the development of data products that suit the specific necessities of our clients. By integrating data, knowledge of our environment, advanced technology tools and analysis, we create unique feedback systems that add value in broad array of applications.

Molecular Biology

In Noxgen, part of our value offer, we make available to our clients our 450 sq mt of laboratories (BSL2) where they can perform experiments, store biological samples and carry out lab support procedures.

Animal diagnostics and BioBank

Infectious and genetic diseases diagnostics for several animal species. BioBank for biological sample storage (Blood, DNA, RNA).

Food safety

Pathogen and compound detection in several food products through traditional methods and molecular methods. Agile and reliable result delivery crafted for improvements in production systems and quality assurance.

Consulting and specialized projects

In order to provide integral solutions to industry specific problems, both in conventional operations and research, we offer our capabilities in different areas of biological and computational sciences through our team of international experts.

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